Spay & Neuter Campaign Progress Tracker

Over 80% of the rabbits surrendered to shelters each year in the US are not spayed or neutered, and 70% of them are adults.

Most of these are given up by their owners because the owners have too many rabbits or unplanned litters and cannot house them and so are no longer able to care for their rabbits. Since most house rabbits are purchased rather than adopted, and a rabbit litter can have as many as 10 baby bunnies, the problem is easy to see. It’s because rabbits breed…well…like rabbits.

The premise of the campaign is pretty simple: raise money, spay/neuter rabbits, keep rabbits with their owners and from getting dumped. Rinse and repeat.

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We aim to raise a whopping $6,000 to spay and neuter locally owned house rabbits in 2018.
$3000 of this will be from our matching donor - Willie's Fund.

Our bunny goal is to alter 100 rabbits, which in turn would
prevent over 500 unwanted or uncared for baby bunnies
. That is a lot of bunnies “saved.”

Bunnies up next:


  • Gracie - Gracie is a three year old Holland Lop. A gray and white fluffy young lady with so much love to give. The best way to describe her is fun. She loves play time with her toys and friends, hopping up on the furniture, and zipping around the house. She will happily come up and greet you in return for face rubs and cuddles. Put a plate of greens in front of her and she will work hard to eat every bite of it.

  • Coco & Watson: This sister and brother pair were born mid-January this year. Coco is pretty chill and mild mannered. She likes to hide out and doesn't mind being petted. Watson he is sweet and loves to dart around and kick his feet up! He can be a bit reserved too but is ok with be held and petted. Coco and Watson are not bonded and will be adopted out separately once fixed.


Bunnies spayed/neutered:


  • Thumper - Thumper and Nivens came to their foster mom in October of 2017. Nivens was very aggressive and would try to nip at Thumper any chance he could. Thumper (the female) was always on high alert to escape from Nivens. She has since been given her own cage and is set to be spayed by courtesy of Wille's fund. Nivens is going to be fixed as well. Thumper now sprawls out in her cage, grooming herself.  Her fur is growing back from the places Nivens would bite. She comes out to get her hay and food where before she would hide in her house or under the ledge in the cage. Now, she calm and relaxed. Simply put: Thumper is getting a new lease on life.


  • Snowball - Snowball is a fun and active little lionhead that was found in the woods by a family who unfortunately could not keep her due to allergies. She is full of life and can't wait to get to her new home. Once she's been spayed and fully healed, she'll be ready for adoption--she won't be at the barn for very long. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her can-do attitude.
    • UPDATE: Snowball has found a new home and a mate - Bunsey! She is one lucky bunny.

  • Peter - This little black and white guy was found by the side of the rode by a gentleman walking his dog. Peter was easily swayed by a piece of carrot, and was later handed over to Rabbit Haven. Hence, we don't know much about Peter, except for that he's super-sweet and super-cute. Once neutered, Peter will find his way to a new and lasting home.


  • Neeno -  Neeno is a 10 month old dwarf lion-head bunny. His family is unable to keep him due to lack of space. As part of the re-homing process, they are making sure he's neutered and healed up before he goes to his new forever home.
    • UPDATE: Neeno has found a new home! He's a happy bunny.


  • Dean & Sam - These 11-week-old brothers were found in a small cage, without food, water, and hay. One of our fosters is caring for them, and they are ready for adoption. Dean & Sam are not bonded and will be adopted out separately. Sam is the one with the spot on his cheek. You can see their adoption ads here: Dean and Sam

 Dean & Sam - Sam is the one with the spot on his cheek.

  • Marley - This black and white little girl came to us from a local vet. Her family had left her unattended while away on vacation, and she got her leg caught, causing prolonged loss of circulation. Her family took her to the vet but surrendered her when they found out that she needed to have her left hindleg amputated. The vet removed the leg, and Marley came to us. Once she is healed up from her spay surgery, this happy and hoppy rabbit will be ready for adoption.
    • UPDATE: Marley has been adopted! And she found a bunny mate, Jasper. Her new family wrote us an update: "They are doing awesome - so incredibly cute together. Jasper is already grooming the inside of her ear. And they are binkying together. Thank you for helping save Marley and taking such good care of so many rabbits."

Marley - Here, Marley is being held by Dori. Marley is plain adorable!

  • Red - This big, red guy was the main breeder at a facility in Seabeck, WA, that closed down. Red, along with 10 other rabbits, were rescued and taken in by Rabbit Haven. Red is currently living with his foster parents and will be available for adoption, along with his mate Jenny, once they are both fixed.
    • UPDATE: Red and Jenny have been adopted! Their new family were so keen to have them, they reserved Red as soon as he came out of neuter surgery, and patiently waited for Red and Jenny to be re-bonded before picking them up.

Red - Red, aka "Big Red" loves to be petted.

  • Don & Carol - This couple was abandoned in a residential neighborhood after their owner was evicted, having been raising rabbits for medical testing and breeding. A caring neighbor with a big heart contacted Rabbit Haven, and fed and sheltered Don & Carol through several cold weeks before we could trap them and bring them in. Don and Carol are currently awaiting surgery in separate but adjacent enclosures, and will be available for adoption as a pair once fixed and healed. Sue with Don - Don is affectionate and eager to meet everyone.


    • Lilly - This Flemish-mix was dumped and attacked by an animal. She was found with her left ear severly mauled. Rabbit Haven took her in and managed to save most of her ear. The remaining scarring is only aesthetic. Lilly has perfect hearing and can pick up the sound of a treat bag being opened from across the room. She is all healed up from her surgery and ready to find her forever home.
      • UPDATE: Lilly has been adopted together with Ben. Ben is also a red-eyed-white, and a long time resident at Rabbit Haven.

    Lilly - A Flemish Giant ready for a new home.