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Copper, aka "Mr. Famous!"

UPDATE: Copper is a smitten little bunny!

OK, you're going to love this...we know we do. Copper is the happiest little bunny in the whole wide world. He is SO in love with his bun-wife, Sgt. Pepper, and he has his new family completely wrapped around his cute little paws. We're thrilled at the results of his whole adventure, and we are still so thankful to Tacoma Animal Shelter for working with us on Copper's case.

Here's a slideshow of Copper -- with a few from his first days at Rabbit Haven, and his days now, clearly 'bunny-whipped' by his love for his girlfriend!


Previous update: Copper is a famous bunny-and now he has a new home and a girlfriend!

One of our last updates on Copper was back from last Christmas...and boy oh boy, what a year can do! This holiday season, Copper will be enjoying his new home and his new bunny-girlfriend, Sgt. Pepper! When Sgt. Pepper's human mom, Zoe, brought her in for a date, it was love at first sight for her and the famous Copper. Maybe she's a bit of a star-chaser, who knows, but Copper sure approves of his mega-fan! They are now happy and healthy and enjoying their new home and time together. Congrats to everyone, and we hope to have an update and more photos to share soon!

And here are some more of our previous posts about Copper, back from when he was a single available dude....


Copper's Rabbit Haven Christmas!

Copper is settling in and starting to really love life here at Rabbit Haven. He's learning what it means to live in a place where he feels safe, secure, understood, and loved. He is indeed a handful, and will never be a good 'beginner bunny,' but one day we're sure we'll find him the perfect home with an experienced rabbit afficianado who will love his sassy personality as much as we do

Copper opens a Christmas present,
sent to him by one of his many admirers

   Copper in full snuggle-mode.

 Copper is a handful, but he is also
a sweetie. He just totally relaxes
when he snuggles on Sue's lap!

   Copper enjoys a truly expert
   bunny-massage from Sue!

 Copper's Story:

Photo from KOMO news

It's the bunny story heard around the world. The Tacoma Humane Society took in Copper the rabbit, who bit one of the volunteers badly enough that she had to go to the hospital. Subsequently, Copper was put in isolation and scheduled to be euthanized on Sunday. Animal welfare advocates set up protests, and calls started coming in from around the world to save Copper.

Volunteers from a local organization, Rabbit Meadows, were very involved in the protests and in exploring alternatives for Copper.

The Tacoma Humane Society agreed to transfer Copper to Sue, who brought him to Rabbit Haven.

Here are our first pictures of Copper, the little bunny who caused a big ruckus:

Copper started purring when Chris, one of our volunteers, helped him understand that we understand.Tuesday Update!

Well, we have more great news. Copper is settling in like a champ, and this 'dangerous bunny' has already started to purr in the capable arms of Chris, one of our volunteers. 

We've also sent out a press release to the news folks who covered Copper's story...we hope some follow-up articles will appear soon.

More Copper Coverage!

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Sunday, November 28 Update!

Copper has been neutered, and he has a clean bill 'o health! His surgery went fine, and his eyes and teeth look great. He is loving getting petted and fussed over. We're delighted that his story continues to be such a good one. Now that he's neutered, we'll wait until the hormones have cleared his system (which will be several weeks) and then start to look for a suitable spayed girlfriend for him! Bunnies are much happier in bonded pairs.

Thank you everyone who cares about Copper, and especially to all those who helped in his rescue. Please consider a donation to Rabbit Haven for his continued care, as he will become one of our permanent residents.

If you'd like to read more stories of happy endings for rescued bunnies, check out our Success Stories.

To leave us a note or share your feelings about this story, visit our Guest Book.


The Tacoma Humane Society has worked very hard on their rabbit program, including establishing a wonderful spay-neuter program and a strong rabbit foster community. They've found many great homes for bunnies, and we are so glad they do the work they do. As all shelters do, they have important policies in place to protect their staff and volunteers, and we thank them for working with us to provide an alternative for Copper.

Read the news story: